Pre-purchase Inspection

Pre-purchase Inspection

Experts agree that consumers should have a qualified specialist provide a used car inspection prior to the final negotiation of sale for a used car.  Even the most mechanically savvy buyer may not have the technical expertise to uncover whether the car they are buying is a peach or a lemon.   

Most dealerships offer used-vehicle reports, such as Carfax, to detail the service and maintenance history of the prospective car, which is helpful, but they don't always tell you if the parts and work are sound, if the car is safe to drive now, and what further work needs to be completed. 

Have Don Brown Automotive & Transmission provide a pre-purchase inspection on the used car you have your eye on before you throw away thousands of dollars on a lemon. As an impartial third party, our honest and reliable technicians can locate problems and give you an actual cost of repair so that you can choose to walk away or negotiate a fair price to include any necessary repairs.

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